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Showcasing your best self is always a good idea. Ready to leap?

So, you are ready to dive back into the dating pool again. That first date might be a dating-site pick, a family fix up or a “let’s grab coffee” from an old friend via social media. Think of the first as a start. At the very least you will gain practice and we all know practice makes perfect. Rediscover parts of yourself that may have been hidden (or lost) for years. And as Ariana Grande sings, if it doesn’t work, you can always think “thank you, next” and take that empowered leap.


  1. Loosen up your hair

Hair is still a big part of physical attraction. Thinning hair doesn’t have to wane the sex appeal. Sensual hair moves. A swingy, glossy bob can be alluring – so can a cropped pixie with a just-ran-my-hands-through-it look. Beachy waves, springy curls, shaggy layers, a side part or flirty full bangs are all considerations for the right effect.

  1. Be high visibility from the waist up

Most likely you will be meeting in a public place like a coffee shop or cafe. Wear a scarf, top or jacket that stands out in a crowd. Heading out in an energetic colour like red is easy to spot and sends a friendly, approachable message. Text ahead saying “ I’ m by the bar in a red …”

  1. Show off your best

Play up what you are proud of. Focus on revealing your long elegant neck, your toned arms, spicy shoulders or long dashing legs. Adding a belt to accentuate your waist adds appealing body definition. We might feel that the torso isn’t what it used to be due to postmenopausal changes but many other parts can be played up to give you confidence.

  1. Don’t look like you are trying too hard

Jeans work well everywhere on everyone. Having your favourites and dressing them up or down is easy. A silk blouse or V-neck sweater with low heels or pointy flats looks feminine and polished; a simple white T-shirt or crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up with leather ankle boots looks classic with class. White jeans with a black blouse or sweater and a black belt will be memorable. Save dresses and heels for later developments.

  1. Have some edge

Add something a little unexpected like, snakeskin boots, leather leggings, a slogan tee under a blazer or a buttery soft leather jacket.  Wearing a black bra and panties – even under a white tee can be empowering. After all at this point it really is about how you feel in your own skin.

  1. Look like you .. right now

Don’t apologize or explain. Just show up. Those social media filters are not real life. I know weight, hair and looks do change. Remember we are highly experienced, intelligent, informed, centred, accomplished, optimistic and attractive women. It’s good to feel that power and the right to keep evolving just the way we are.

  1. Let make up allow your eyes to talk

Listen well. A knowing glance, a wink or twinkle add a little mystery that is very attractive. Treat yourself to a makeup tutorial on YouTube or go to Sephora and get professional tips with a couple of new products.

  1. Date like you are 60+

Don’t try to hide the history in your looks or dress like you are in your 20s. Sure you want to be comfortable but the athleisure looks should stay in the gym. Respect the occasion. Make an effort.

  1. Say “Yes” to a last-minute date

Technology has changed dating into spontaneous texts to meet now. Don’t stand on ceremony when there is no time to prep and primp. Rub an ice cube over your face to wake up your skin and circulation. Blot or dab your cheeks and lips for a little healthy colour. Tousle your hair and shake your head for lift.

And remember, it is only a date. Have fun!!

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