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Charlotte Livingston graduated from The Fashion Institute of Canada in Fashion Merchandising. She was a sales representative for a bridal wear manufacturer in the 1980s.

She has a lifelong passion with aesthetics, form, colour and pleasure from feeling good in your skin. Charlotte’s curiosity and fascination with what is important to women and style has shaped her determination to build a business that makes a difference to women’s lives.

Charlotte guides her clients to feel supported in the mid-life transition and connect like minded people to take on new opportunities as our life transitions after 50.

Her most important role is inspiring her four grandchildren to follow their dreams with courage.

Stylish over 50 sexy ontario
Fashion Education 90%
Fashion Experience 95%
Fashion Passion 93%
What Our Clients Say


I can highly recommend Charlotte to get your colours done. It is professional, affordable, and has given me a great image with the confidence in any occasion. Just a great decision I made to use her consultation!

Linda Gramm

SylewithCharlotte provided such great experience for giving me a great colour palette to work with. After recommending changes to my wardrobe, we had a great time shopping for some new items that worked for many occasions. Thanks Charlotte!

Sarah Franklin

Charlotte is such a talented stylist. After 18 years in a strict corporate environment, she helped me select several outfits that would conform to our strict dress code but are so very feminine. I love it! We had such a blast. Keep up the great work!

Iris J. Davies

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